At IMC we have a range of tools that we can offer our clients to support their decision-making processes. From optimising the management of financial resources to guaranteeing safety of special transports, we have solutions that have been influential in digitalising the management of built infrastructure. Scroll down for more information on a selection of our products.

To service our clients in a custom-tailored way we offer a licensed product, an in-house development or prototypes. To differentiate between them we have labelled the products with icons:

LICENSING – Products with this label are products which we have developed, either on our own or with partner firms, and own the right to actively license to our clients.

DEVELOPMENT AND SERVICE – Products which we have developed for our clients and continue to service. These products are owned by our clients.

PROTOTYPE – Products which we have developed as a part of a research project or a pilot project. These are created for test and illustrative purposes. Our focus on high quality means that these products are close to being viable products.


infFaros is our state-of-the-art management system developed for effective maintenance of roadways and engineering structures.


infTruck enables a reliable and efficient assessment of special transport by means of comparative calculations on bridges.


infKuba is our database solution which we created in cooperation with Unit Solutions. The data is visualised in a user-tailored fashion fitted to infrastructure owners’ needs.


ISI-MS is one of our first products that builds on a holistic approach for an integral infrastructure management system to create a construction programme that is optimised across sub-systems.

On this product,  a few articles were published, such as: publication 1 and publication 2 (both in German).


KUBA is a software product for the management of structures, such as bridges, galleries, retaining walls and tunnels, which we manage for the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) in Switzerland.


EMNS is a superordinate maintenance management system for national roads in Switzerland. On behalf of the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), a prototype was initially developed that is already being used productively in pilot applications.

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