The operation and maintenance of engineering structures such as bridges, galleries, supporting walls and tunnels is a great challenge. The goal of an infrastructure operator is the maximisation of socioeconomic utility of the infrastructure under the constratint of applying minimal financial resources over the entirety of an infrastructure’s lifetime.

For this, an effective and efficient collection of information on the built infrastructure as well as inspections and performed maintenance interventions is required. Only provided with sufficient evidence, can a founded decision be made to cast light on the right time to perform an intervention in a socioeconomical context.

KUBA is a modular software system for the management of engineering structures such as bridges, galleries, supporting walls and tunnels.

The single modules of KUBA support the infrastructure operators with:

• the administration and documentation of built inventory, inspections and maintenance interventions (Module KUBA-DB),
• the generation of optimal maintenance strategies, the calculation for the required condition state forecast and the financial resource planning and the generation of the necessary intervention measures (KUBA-MS),
• the decision of the serviceability of routes and engineering structure on that route because of special transports (KUBA-ST),
• the evaluation of all collected data (KUBA-RP),
• the administration of the software (KUBA-ADM) and
• the visualisation of the contents over a web-browser (KUBA-Web).

Furthermore, the mobile solutions (KUBA-Mobile on Windows-Tablet-PC and iPad mini) allow the inspection of engineering structures in the field in offline mode, where engineering partners can easily and comfortably perform inspections as required by the maintenance planners. 

The software is being developed by us since 2003 for the Swiss Federal Road Office (FEDRO). Currently, KUBA is being used by FEDRO as well as 20 cantons for their maintenance planning of engineering structure (bridges, tunnels, supporting walls, etc.). The technical foundation of KUBA 5.1 portrays the state-of-the-art methods in maintenance management. 


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