The infrastructure management requires the consideration of conflicting objectives. A certain level of service must be guaranteed in order to use the infrastructure without significant disruptions or hazards (e.g. caused by poor condition or frequent maintenance-related construction sites). In addition, expenditure on infrastructure maintenance must be minimized and stakeholders who do not directly benefit from the infrastructure must be adversely affected as little as possible.

Determining the optimal interventions is a complex task in which the various road assets’ types and their peculiarities must be considered. Based on their expertise and experience, those responsible for road assets can determine which interventions are optimal for the individual objects of certain asset type. IT tools are needed to provide an overview of the interventions of all asset types and the associated financial needs in combination with the condition development and different budgets. 

Scenario comparison

infFaros supports decisions making for the maintenance of the roadway, structures and other asset types as well as the entire road network. The short, medium and long-term effects of the decisions are presented.

You can easily define scenarios with different budget limits and/or maintenance strategies for the entire network, subnetworks or asset types. Interventions that have already been decided upon can also be easily incorporated into the simulations. Finally, you can define your own maintenance projects with just a few clicks.

infFaros supports maintenance planning with forecasts on financial needs, condition development, recommended interventions and long-term analyses. The results are displayed both on the screen and in reports. The network status report or budget demand, including associated condition development and forecast of financial needs, as well as lists of the already executed maintenance interventions and the recommended ones can be quickly generated. 

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