About us

Infrastructure Management Consultants Ltd. (IMC) was established in 2003 by Prof. Dr. Rade Hajdin and Prof. Dr. Bryan Adey. Since 2016 an independent subsidiary operates in Germany under the name IMC Mannheim.

IMC provides technical support for infrastructure owners and managers in the asset management of rail and road networks. More specifically, the asset management includes the support for the network-relevant sub-systems, such as road pavement surfaces, railway rolling stock, engineering structures, operational and safety facilities, wastewater facilities and utility lines.

IMC provides support for the evaluation, conceptualization, structuring and operation of management systems for asset management. In particular, IMC supports the determination of optimal management strategies for operational maintenance of infrastructure using suitable technologies. In this process the whole infrastructure’s life-cycle – consisting of construction, operation, maintenance and destruction – is considered. For the strategy determination, data is considered from the infrastructure’s operation and maintenance, from detailed inspections as well as from the evaluation, planning and execution of interventions. This data provides the foundation for reliable condition state predictions of the infrastructure and the financial demand for their maintenance. Finally, interventions and working programs are generated for the infrastructure owners and managers. These programs are in accordance with the owner’s strategy based on the management objectives for the infrastructure condition development and financial budget constraints.

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