Analysis, development and improvement of business models and processes

With reliable business models and processes for effective and efficient results.

The management of built infrastructure systems is a complex task and the decisions made have considerable effects. To be able to make founded decisions, the necessary information (such as those from recent inspections) must be collected and stored. Consequently, the information is used to create timed work programs and intervention plans. In 2012, about 250 million Swiss Francs were used for maintenance of engineering structures and tunnels in Switzerland. The inspections required about 2.5 million Swiss Francs and employed about 80 people. It is clear that because of the co-dependencies small-scale optimizations lead to significant improvements of the resource allocation. An appropriate business model, as well as effective and efficient processes lead to direct benefits and are the linchpin for successful projects.

It is of paramount importance for an effective management of infrastructure facilities that the fundamental structure of the objects and the description of its technical features be accurate. This must also be reflected in the organization‘s aims and objectives. To effectively achieve its objectives, an organisaton must define appropriate, lean and need-based processes. So that each step of an organization‘s process is effectively performed, the roles and need for coordination with other organizations must be clearly defined and appropriate tools integrated in the work-flow. In this partially iterative process, the project environment must also be taken into consideration. Furthermore, attention to the continuity of the system should be paid. The implementation and application of an IT system is a vital task in guaranteeing an efficient performance of the business processes.

For the conceptualization of a system that enables an effective and efficient management of infrastructure facilities, solid know-how, technical experience and a thorough understanding of organizational studies and IT systems and the ability to think conceptually are decisive.

IMC has successfully applied its know-how and experience in numerous projects for different organizations. We strive to continuously build on our experiences so that we are ready to provide technical support on the evaluation, development and improvement of business models and processes, whether it be an instance or a more comprehensive project.


General Questions

Have you defined the pertinent goals of asset management for your infrastructure?
Thanks to our comprehensive know-how and solid experiences from projects with different infrastructure operators, such as large and medium-large organizations in Switzerland, Germany and France – as well as partners from different sub-systems such as engineering structures, pavement, tunnels, rail rolling stock and utility lines – IMC knows the technical contexts and the relevant management goals. When defining the objectives, we make sure to adress the project holistically and keep track of what really matters.

Are the processes, roles, interdependencies, organisation and the relevant tools continuously structured? Do they enable the efficient management of your infrastructure?
So that the defined objectives can be reached with minimal effort, the clearly defined processes, roles, required coordination efforts, the project organization structure and local tools needed for each task are required. The experiences from our projects, such as the structuring of a cross-system coordination or the lead on data collection and inspection campaigns have allowed us to elicit Best Practice examples. These enable us to continuously improve, work with state-of-the-art methods and provide better solutions in our projects.